Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday, Hopefully A Good Day

Today we are supposed to be getting our new couch between 9am-12pm. I am so excited!! I still have a few things to do before Doug gets home.

I have already moved some of my books that are behind the couch, the new couch is recline able. We have also moved a lot of stuff around to make room.

I have to clean out the couch cushions before he gets home too. I will do it in a bit, sadly there is absolutely nothing on TV this morning. Ugh. I hate that!

On another note, my mail lady was taken off the route that my house is on and I am mad!! I loved her! Not to mention that my Netflix movie is now 2 days late and with a new mail person, well I am thinking of calling and complaining because there have been several cases of mail people stealing mail up here.

If I don’t get that movie today I am contacting Netflix and calling the post office to complain. I have never had an issue with the other person, ever and now that I have someone new on my route well, things just don’t show up all of a sudden?

There are other things that come every single week at the same time that have not come this week either. So, I am concerned about this.

Gotta go, ciao!!



  1. You gotta take a pic and show us the new couch! Have a great weekend!

  2. wanna see your couch! have a great weekend


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