Friday, April 2, 2010

Some Thoughts

Warning thoughts maybe disjointed because the writer is taking cough medicine with obscene amounts of alcohol in it.( I.E Nyquil)

First off I want to thank everyone for their well wishes, I appreciate that. I am trying to get into a routine that I can function with while I am sick. Some days are better than others and I feel better, but then later feel like crap again. Ugh. With Easter coming up and apparently an Easter brunch with his family, I am not sure what I am going to do really.

My class from hell is over on Monday and then I have about 16 days off until I start classes at the other school. I am so very grateful for those 16 days and will use them to get better. If not totally better at least some what better so that I can actually function in class and understand. My first class is a science class, which at first I was not happy about. I have changed that though. Since science is not really my thing, I figured that I would use my excitement about starting at a better school to help me get through a class I would have sucked at.

So, it being my first class and all, I would work extra hard to do well in that class. I am excited about starting at Kaplan though. Everyone has been really great to me and my enrollment person is awesome! He emails me to remind me how many more days I have until class starts.

Happy Easter before I forget! Have a safe holiday. I am not sure if I am up for the brunch, but will wait until Sunday to make that call. I will most likely go and hack my way through it just so I can piss everyone else off. LOL. You know me, anything for his family. NOT. Well, I am going to go. Ciao!


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  1. sorry your sick! i hope you feel better soon. congrats and good luck at starting at a new school. hugs


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