Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A New Show and Other Stuff

I have found a new show to watch on Tuesdays at 10pm. Now I have to warn you, this show leaves me in a blubbering mess most of the time. I don’t know why exactly either. The show is called ‘Construction Intervention’ on the Discovery channel. It is on right after Deadliest Catch.

I really like this show, it is in the vein of a home makeover show only for businesses. These businesses are usually owned by people who really need help and they come in and redesign the floor plan and rebuild the business. This is only week 2 of this show so it is fairly new show. I really like it, so if you are not watching anything on Tuesdays at 10pm, give it a try. Better than any of those fake reality shows.

So, I logged into class at midnight to print my syllabus for class. I have already posted a reply to the instructor and everything. I have to admit that this science class may be challenging to me, but I think once I get going I will be fine with it.

The book is boring, well chapter one anyway. I still need to get through it for my seminar on Friday though. Wish me luck!! I am going to go, I am tired right now. Ciao!


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  1. glad you found a show u like. i have several that i watch but cant remember them all, this darm memory of mine. i watch celebrity rehab on thursdays for some reason i love that show! diners drive ins and dives on monday etc. gotta watch my shows lol


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