Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday, Quiet Sunday… Maybe

So let me start by saying that the cheeseburger meatloaf did not get made last night. Mainly because we were eating lunch at like 4pm, and we both knew that we would not be that hungry anytime soon. Besides we both still had ribs left from Texas Roadhouse, from the night before.

So, having said all that I am making the bacon cheeseburger meatloaf tonight. Doug is upstairs making the bacon as I write this. I have to admit that this recipe is not for the person who is looking to eat healthy, but a nice indulgence once in a while.

So, tonight is my new student orientation seminar. I am really looking forward to it. I forgot to mention that my enrollment guy, Mike sent me this congratulations card the other day and I got my welcome pack in the mail yesterday.  It had a get started guide made especially for me, a calendar which is quite handy because it tells you the last day you can drop a class, etc…, I got a student id card, and a couple of other things too.

So, I hope that your Sunday is quiet… Ciao!


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