Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oh My

So I honestly thought that I would be able to handle a few months or at least a couple off of school. Um, I think I was wrong. Although lately the nightmares have been kicking my ass and sleep has been little and far between. Eh, you know, I am thinking it does not matter all that much anymore.

I am constantly tired anyway, so nothing new there. I am missing living on the water right about now. I miss the amazing sunsets you get as the sun sinks down below the horizon almost like it is slowly sliding into the water.

Hopefully I will sleep tonight. Never know though. LOL. Well, this is short and I am out of things to say, so Ciao!


  1. I'm sorry you haven't been sleeping, Tawnya. When too much of that catches up to me, I've found over-the-counter sleep aids to be helpful. Or bad television.

    Hope you get some rest...



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