Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dining Room Update

Well it would seem that I was mistaken about the dining room table being put together the other weekend. It still resides in it’s box against the wall where it has been since February when we bought it. This is frustrating for me. In so many ways.

The heat here has really been messing with my migraines. I have had horrible headaches lately and it has almost made me crazy. My sleep patterns have been pretty messed up as well because it has been so hot that I can  not sleep. Ugh.

I am not eating a lot right now either because of the heat. We are currently looking for no cook meals other than take out. In our apartment, it is so small, that when you turn on the oven, it gets super hot in here. During the winter, it was not an issue as you might understand. But now, it is hot outside and when we cook, it is hot inside.

I am not sure if no cook meals are the way to go totally. Maybe a few cook less meals too. Or some things to throw into the crock pot or something to not cook in the oven. Even using the stove top is sometimes a bother. I know if we went to all salads and sandwiches, it maybe would last a week. LOL. Although, I did have an idea about getting a bag of skinless, boneless chicken breasts and making a bunch and keeping them in the fridge for salads or quick sandwiches. But also as a meat component that is already cooked and just has to be reheated.

I got my hair trimmed on last Saturday. Which I needed because it has been since last August when I got my hair cut last. So finally it is all back to one length and now I am working on growing it out long again. I know, I cut it short because I was sick of long hair, but about 2 weeks later I missed it. Go figure. Well, I am off to shower and finish some paperwork for something I am doing. Ciao!!

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