Friday, June 17, 2011

More Good News Indeed.

Today I got an offer of admissions from my Plan B school and I am going to take it. I feel like I have given the other school more than enough time to get back to me about my appeal and even the person who was supposed to look into it and call me back by Wednesday, did not call. So, honestly I am looking at it like there is my answer right there.

I like the Plan B school anyway and everyone there seems really nice and capable of doing their jobs, which is important to me. I have moved up my start date to June 28th for financial aid reasons. I am looking forward to getting back in class now. The depression has lifted since I became proactive with the issue with school. Makes me feel better to know that I have a plan and I am moving forward now and not just sitting in one place waiting for something to happen.

On Sunday, it would have been a year since Doug’s dad died. I am left wondering where the year went. It seems only yesterday that we were dealing with that whole mess. So, on Sunday he is spending time with his sister. Sometimes, to me it seems so much longer than a year though. Other times, it seems like days ago. So, thoughts and prayers would be appreciated.

I am going to go now. Ciao!

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