Sunday, June 19, 2011

Some Stuff Goin’ On

Before I get into this entry, I want to wish all the dads out there a happy father’s day!! Hope it is a great day for you all!

A year ago today, Doug’s dad died. If you have followed my blog or are friends with me on Facebook, you might remember last year at this time we had no power as well. It was a horrible weekend all the way around. You can find those entries here, here,and here. Of course if you read them in order there are more entries after about the aftermath of all of that.

It has been a rough year in some ways for us. Although it has been kind of good in others too. I still miss his dad terribly on some days and I think about him often. Doug is spending time with  his sister today and I am at home just chilling out.(although there is a story behind that too, but since there are lurkers I can not put it here)

Sometimes it feels like a life time ago that his dad died. Other times it feels like only a few days. Today is difficult for me because his dad and I got to be close and I miss him. So, I am going to go now. RIP David, we miss you.


  1. This was a good post and a great tribute to your husbands dad!!!

  2. I totally understand....I hope you find your peace today.

  3. i feel that way about the 4th because of when my grandma died- hope you both had a peace-filled day.


  4. Thanks... OT,he is not my husband, but you had no way of knowing... I appreciate your comments here.


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