Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Day Full of Surprises

Most of  you know that I recently got a Microsoft Zune Mp3 player and I am still in love with the thing. I know it sounds strange for me to say that, but it is really cool and I love the touch screen. It is 32 GB and I could  honestly fill it maybe 3 or 4 times with music that I love. Yeah, I love a lot of music.

Speaking of my Zune, I lost the USB cable that came with it, but it is okay because it has wireless sync and that is a good thing! I found a replacement cord on Amazon for about $10. Most of the others were at least $20. So, I know I got a good deal on it.

It seems as though I was selected for verification for school. This is a process that the Department of Education springs on about every 3 students, randomly of course. It is not difficult, you have to fill out a verification worksheet and send in a signed copy of your tax return. No big deal. Unless you are me. Sigh. Yeah, they want a copy of my 2009 tax return and it was on my lap top, but because I had reset the factory defaults because it was locked solid, I lost it.

I did not think that was a big deal because I use Turbo Tax every year anyway. Well, because I use the Federal Free version, they don’t keep PDF files of my previous year’s tax returns on their servers. So, I had to request a copy from the IRS, which could take about 5-10 days they say. Normally, this would not be an issue, but I am due to start school in 8 days because remember I moved my start date up because of financial aid reasons. Sigh. I have sent my financial aid person an email explaining all of this. Hopefully they can do something about it. Well, I am leaving you with one of my favorite Jason Aldean videos


  1. even though we file online, we still always keep a paper copy for back-up. hope they get it straightened out sooner than later and the rest of the process is quick and painless.


  2. That is a rough break about the tax form. I hope that you will be able to start school with know problems!


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