Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Good News Keeps Coming..

It would seem that I am climbing back to the top where I once was. I got a call today from my Plan B school and the financial aid is coming along nicely, I should be hearing from someone tomorrow and if not from my guy on Monday. I also talked to the academic person who I will be working with at Plan B school today. She and I have a lot in common, down to she is looking for a Masters program in forensic psychology as well. So, it will be nice to talk to someone who has walked my path for once.

The Tigers won today and are now in first place in the A.L Central. I watched part of the game and they seem to really be playing well as a team. In the past they played as individuals on a team and there is a big difference in those two things. It is nice to see them doing so well again. Go Tigers!

I am ready to get back to work in school. It was kind of nice to have the time off and reevaluate what I wanted to do. I miss school. So, I am doing what I can to get back to that. I really like Plan B school and they have so many different tools to help the adult online learner. Which is nice to see. I am looking forward to getting back into class and stretching my mind some more. Well, I think this is it for now. Ciao!


  1. go tawnya!

    i start my online classes i need for continuing certification next week. go team us!


  2. Yeah, the Tigger's are playing well and getting timely contributions... oh, and it doesn't hurt to have Verlander pitching..!

    Glad you are getting school together and I like that you feel that you are returning to a place where you belong!


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