Friday, June 10, 2011

This Morning or Rather Finally Not Melting In My Own Clothes

The heat here in Michigan has been horrible for the last few days, finally got a break yesterday. As of right now at 5:41am it is 54 degrees, which I am happy with. The windows are back open and the air conditioning off again. Yes, I know it is June, yes, I know it is supposed to be hot, however, when it gets to be Florida hot here we have an issue. I have felt like I was melting in my own clothes, I suppose that is opposed to melting in someone else’s clothes. I am happy to have this break in the heat.

So because I have had a lot of extra time on my hands lately, I have been watching a lot of Netflix on the Wii. I have found a few TV shows that I did not watch while they were on TV. I watched Saving Grace, which was on TNT. I think I had seen maybe a part of an episode when it was on and I am sorry that I missed that show. It was amazing. I got to watch the whole thing with no commercials. Which I totally LOVE. I started watching Ally McBeal and it is funny but depressing too. I guess I see some of myself in Ally. I am hooked on the music from the show though. Vonda Shepard is amazing and I love her voice. I wish she had put out more music than the music from the show.

I have been reading as well. I wrote yesterday about how I was sleeping a lot. I have always had issues with insomnia and sometimes I wish that I did not. I do and there is not much I can do about it but roll with it. I have read so many articles and tips on how to battle it, but you know what? They don’t really work for me, so I am just rolling with it for now. Tonight going to dinner, which I am looking forward to it. Well, I think I am off to watch either Waking the Dead or finish Pain Killer Jane on Netflix. Ciao!

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