Monday, June 20, 2011

Changes In the Air… Again

So, my admissions advisor at my Plan B school talked me into starting school on June 28th instead of July 5th. Mainly for financial aid reasons and it all made sense to me when it was explained to me, so I agreed to start earlier than I had planned.

Today is 4 weeks since my appeal started and I still have not heard anything at all. So it seems that I got my answer. Plan B turned into Plan A and I am alright with that actually. I like the Plan B school a lot and the people I have dealt with so far have been great.

I am not  exactly sure of the instructors, but I do know that my Plan B school requires their teachers to go through training in distance learning and online teaching. Which is kind of cool. When I have attended other schools in the past, I would get people who were not so qualified to teach the classes they were teaching. Ugh. That was a total nightmare!

So only 8 more days until my new chapter starts and I am glad it is happening sooner than I had planned. As much as I liked Ashford there were a lot of things I did not like about that school. Now, I am at a school I like and we will see what happens. Ciao!

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