Saturday, June 25, 2011

Life, In Spite of Me

When I chose this book, it was not because I actually wanted to read it, it was because it was the only one left on the site for me to choose. I honestly thought that it would turn out like another book I had tried to read and ended up failing to finish. In fact, quite the opposite happened.

I got my book a couple of days ago and set it aside, thinking I would start it the next day and well, life happened. I picked it up again last night because I needed something to read while I sat in the tub trying to relax. As it turns out, I read pretty much the whole dang book last night in the tub within an hour and a half. A totally unexpected occurrence, let me tell you!



As I read Kristen’s real life story, I could not put this book down. As a woman who suffered some depression in high school, I could totally relate to what Kristen was talking about. Although, I did not suffer as much loss as she did in such a short period of time, I too lost a grandparent while I was in high school. I never had the courage to actually try to commit suicide though.

As I read Kristen’s story I was moved to tears and I wanted to cheer for her as she learned some valuable lessons, which came at a heavy price. You see, I have a friend who talks about suicide a lot and I interrupted him as he was writing a suicide note (email). I am passing along Kristen’s book in hopes of showing him that there really is a way to come back from this and hopefully give him the courage to live.

Kristen writes the reader little notes between the chapters and talks about how she wished she knew some things then that she knows now. This is such an inspiring book, I am finding myself wanting everyone I know to read it. Kristen is  an amazing woman and so inspiring! I find myself wishing I was half as strong as she is. I recommend this book to everyone, because it has something for everyone in it.

Life, in Spite of Me by Kristen Jane Anderson (Chapter 1)

I got this book for free from the Blogging for Books program from Walter Brook Multnomah.

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