Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wednesday Wishes and Other Things

Hi everyone! I will start this with the normal Wednesday Wishes post and then finish it with the other stuff. As usual, if you would like to play along you can in the comments or in a post of your own. Just remember to come back and leave your link for me to follow.

  1. I wish that all my friends online and off are happy. I am working on that for myself and sometimes it seems so difficult, but in reality it is not. Happiness is the little moments that are perfect, like that perfect dish, the perfect kiss or hug, something that you love.
  2. I wish that I can keep my 4.0 in school. I know that I can work on it and it might happen, but I never know! It is a great feeling to have a 4.0 right now so I will enjoy that while I can!
  3. I wish that people would see my kids as I do. I know that no one likes everyone, but I think that if people could see my kids as I see them it would be great!
  4. I wish that John( my ex who has my kids) would understand that if I don’t email him right back it is not because I am avoiding him or ignoring him, because I am not.
  5. I wish that Doug and his sister could get along better. I know I am really reaching for this but I am tired of the constant fighting. I am staying out of all this because it is not my place, but the yelling has got to go!

Okay, on to the ‘other things’ of this entry. School starts back today and I am happy. I am grateful for the week I had off but I am ready to get back to work. I have missed it a lot.

So, as I mentioned as of right now, I have a 4.0 GPA in school. I love being able to say that! I am going to work my butt off to keep that but I am realistic. So, I am going to enjoy it as much as I can.

We are supposed to go to lunch with The Sister today and I have decided that I am going to enjoy the new experience. How many places carry meat around on swords and serve you from them? Not that many! I am determined to have fun and enjoy. I will let  you know how it goes. I have come to a conclusion, when Doug and his sister (The Sister) get together over food things go so well. If there is no food involved then things fall apart.

His sister enlisted the help of a cousin to help with the cleaning of the house. Which is good for us because the week days are hard to get any kind of cleaning in because of his work schedule and school for both of us. The only thing I am not liking is that they are sanding down the floors and resealing them. This will cause havoc with my asthma. Ugh. I have inhalers so I will just have to be careful. This weekend I have to go through the pots and pans.

A friend of the family came over last night and took a lot of furniture and other stuff, which made me happy because I would rather that she and her new husband use it than to give it away. I think that she is coming back for more stuff later.

I guess the idea is to retile the kitchen, vestibule area, and what was their dad’s room. In the computer room the carpet is coming out and the wood floors will be sanded with the rest of the floors in the house. We are waiting until they are totally finished with all of that until we move upstairs so that we are not in the way and all the floors get done. Well, I think that is it for now. Gotta go do some school stuff. Ciao!


  1. Congrats on the 4.0 that is fantastic!!!
    Here's my wish list:
    1. That I get this job I am interviewing for tomorrow (then I'll have part time fill in job and one full time with binnis)

    2. That I will successfully build my oubliette for all my bad thoughts and fears to be burried in forever (check out my post Save Me From Myself for further explanation).

    3. I wish that I would finally figure out what I want to be when I grow up (I mean COME ON!!! I'm 32 for God's sake!!).

    4. I wish my husband would land his dream job he's applied for so that we can finally move our of my mother-in-law from hell's house.

  2. yay for your 4.0 proud of ya! meat on swords hell yea lol i seen something like this on food network channel, looked cool. take care


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