Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Answering Reader’s Questions

Okay, so this is my first time actually doing a post like this. A reader has asked me some questions and instead of just answering in the comment section, I decided that since I have a few new readers over the last couple of months that I would actually answer these as a post.

Breazy said...

I just started reading your blog and had a few questions. I hope I don't come off offensive with them, I guess I'm just curious. I have tried to find these answers myself by reading past posts of yours, but they don't have much context and seem to just repeat the previous day.
Who exactly is Doug? some of the ways you speak of him he seems like a brother, other times not.
What is it you do for work? Are you just a student?
Do you have some kind of illness that causes you to sleep so much? you always say you need more sleep.


First of all, it is not offensive to me to ask questions about something you don’t understand, so let me see if I can help you out here.

1. Doug is my boyfriend who I live with. Sometimes when I am frustrated with him, I do notice that I write about him as if he is a brother. He is not my brother. I am adopted and have no idea who my birth parents are. Doug’s dad just died this year on Father’s day, so we have been cleaning up the house lately and sorting through his stuff. It is very emotionally draining, which is why I feel like I need more sleep.

Doug also works at night so my sleep patterns are not what most people would call normal I guess.

2. I am a full time college student, which takes a lot out of me mentally because these classes are not all that easy and sometimes stressful. I am working on my bachelor degree in psychology right now. My next two classes start tomorrow.

3. The sleep thing. I do have insomnia sometimes, which makes me very tired. Also the last couple weeks with dealing with Doug’s dad’s death has been very draining. My patterns of sleep are not really normal either. Most of my entries are done early in the morning like around 4amish which is when I am getting tired. Sometimes, I do write entries in the evenings, but we normally go to bed about 10pmish because he has to have a nap before he goes in at 2am. Sometimes earlier than that.

I hope that this has helped answer some questions and thank you for asking!! Ciao!


  1. Hmm... you know, at first when I started reading your journal, it did seem like there was a distance between you and 'Dougie'. But the last six months or so your relationship seems to have improved and I stopped with my infantilization of your boyfriend. Besides, it was a bit disrespectful and I am sorry for it.

    Hope everything is going well with getting things organized and settled. Be well.

  2. thank you for answering my questions. after I sent I was worried that I'd come off bitchy, which was not my intentions. I know in long term relationships you get caught up in the everyday and sometimes don't show your appreciation to your partner as much, and with his fathers recent death there has been a lot to deal with. I hope once all the dust settles you will both find the passion that brought you together.
    Good luck with school. 4.0 is something to be very proud of. keep your eye on the prize.
    insomnia is awful. my dad has been gone almost 15 years, and every year about the time of his death I sleep less and less until I crash. I find a strict routine helps.
    I hope your day is great and that you are happy. keeps the blogs coming :)

  3. I'm glad you revealed a little bit more about your life!


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