Saturday, July 24, 2010

Update on Said Book and Everything Else

The book got here yesterday finally! Although this thing is huge and I could use it to kill someone it is that heavy, I am happy to have it in my hot little hands now. I feel so much better. Now, I don’t have to get all stabby on someone and get mean. Yay!

I went to see Trina last night and heard about her camping adventures. The air mattress worked out well for her, which I am glad. So glad that we could help! She had a great time with her family and that was all that mattered.

Sleep has been elusive lately. So, I am tired again, but not feeling any worse than before, so that is good news. It is supposed to be icky here in Michigan this weekend, which is fine I had nothing planned anyway. LOL.

Maybe later I will go through my cookbooks and see what I have. Most of them I got from Sandy, which is cool. Maybe try and get them all together because right now they are everywhere! I updated my Amazon wish list. New books and some more shows I watch. I actually think that I have about 104 things on it now. Most of it books. Go figure. LOL. Gotta run and eat something. Ciao!

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