Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Random Tuesday

I am rather hit or miss with my entries this week, mainly because I am still a hacking, sniffling mess and would rather sleep. I have been doing a fair amount of sleeping and sucking on vitamin C drops as well. The good news is that I am not getting worse and I attribute that to my asthma inhalers. Thank God for those! I am not sure how I managed to be sick the whole winter without them honestly.

Caught up with school work finally, I have a paper to write on research designs. Yeah sounds like a barrel of laughs, right?!? NOT! It won’t be too bad I don’t think because my teacher was nice enough to make a template for the paper for us, so basically I have to just put the information in it. Yay! I am all for easier.

Not going to the usual place for dinner tonight because my favorite waitress and sister is on vacation, lucky bitch. She is off camping with her family. We lent her our air mattress so that she would not have to sleep on the ground. See, I can be nice to people I actually like. Hehe.

Oh you know those kind of people who always bend over backwards to pat themselves on the back about something? Well, it seems that there are three of them in my research methods I class. Let me explain a bit… We were talking about research biases. These three Musketeers were bending over backwards to point out that because their families are so diverse that they could not possibly be biased. So, you all know me, I pointed out that EVERYONE has biases of some kind. Oh no! They are so open minded and accepting. Gah! Yeah, I have found that the people who talk about being accepting and open minded are the least of those traits. It was a long seminar tonight because of that trio. ::sigh::

Other than that, I am still standing for the most part upright. The book thing is still not settled for my other class. OMG, I am going to stab someone soon if I don’t get my book, we are headed into the third week of class and I have not heard anything about this text book except that it is back ordered. Seriously, I am so over this. Well, gotta run… Looking for some things online. Ciao!

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  1. feel better. I love the line " I am gonna stab someone if I don't get my book" :-)


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