Tuesday, July 6, 2010


So yesterday the Sister never came over as she was supposed to. She made some excuse and that is fine with me. I know she does not want to help clean anything. She would rather leave us to deal with it all. Having said this, I hope that she realizes that if that happens, pretty much everything except for what we want to keep will be thrown away.

Doug and I are apartment hunting and have to seriously downsize all the crap that we will take with us. Of course the furniture that is ours is going, but all the rest will be gotten rid of. My clothes and his are of course going. We are donating his dad’s clothes that are good enough to be donated. We found a lot of new stuff still in the packaging. New shirts and such. We are going through the kitchen stuff and keeping what we want and getting rid of the rest.

We are going to this Brazilian steak house with her on Wednesday for lunch apparently. It is all you can eat meat ( all kinds, pork, steak, chicken, etc…) and then you get the sides. I have never been there but she goes a lot.

I just had dinner with her Saturday. I can not wait until school starts back and she has to work again. Well, this is it for now. Ciao!


  1. With people like Doug's sister, I think they would rather complain after the fact than get in and do some real work. They always come up with excuses for not being there when the time to go thru things comes and then gripe about what got kept and who got what.

    Hope that you like the place... sounds like fun.

  2. hey,
    so your gonna move? or you excited about that or no? hope you like the new place your going for lunch. take care


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