Thursday, July 21, 2011

So Totally Slacking Today

Not that I honestly don’t totally slack any other day, I am just willing to admit it today for some reason. I think it is the insane, most unbearable heat that has settled in here in Michigan. It was supposed to reach 100 degrees today. Not really sure if it did or not because face it, I did not want to depress myself with that information. The A/C is still working well, thank God because some people I know in Redford are without power as of yesterday. Honestly, I think if we had stayed at the house we would be counted in those numbers. So, I am glad we moved because for the 2-3 summers before that we did lose power in the summer time for days at a time. I sure don’t miss that!!

Okay, on to why I am a slacker today. I had a plan of what I was going to do today and in that plan was write my review for Dinner with A Perfect Stranger: An invitation worth considering by David Gregory (no, no relation to me, I don’t think). It was a short read and a good book, but honestly I can’t bring myself to review it right this second. I know, I know this whole entry about how I am slacking could be the review itself. I get it, but it isn’t. I am just not feeling inspired to write this review and since I totally loved the book, I want to be able to do it justice in my review and not some just half assed review for the sake of doing it.

I am hoping to get it done tomorrow maybe. Well, I am going to run. Ciao!

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