Friday, July 15, 2011

Just A Random Mess

I don’t really have one big post for today, but a lot of little things to mention all at once. My mind is kind of scattered right now and I am not really concentrating well. Sigh. The last couple of days I have slept a lot, which is good considering that I have these nasty nightmares that keep me from sleeping more often than not. So, I am sleeping while I can.

In my Blogging for Books program, they are going to start offering e-books now, which I think is so cool. I personally like both, but for this program I like the printed books more because I get to keep them when I am done with them. This program is free and if you are interested, click on the link above to check it  out. I really have been enjoying it a lot. The next book I have coming, they are sending me two of, so I am excited about that!

Doug has been home because of his foot. He had a very deep, open wound on the bottom of his foot and has been going to a foot doctor for a couple of months now. They were worried because he is diabetic and it has not been healing as well or quickly as they like. There was some talk of putting him in a walking cast and being off work for at least 6 weeks. Luckily that is not the case just yet. They inserted this stuff called gel foam in the wound and it is supposed to help healing. They then wrapped it and told him he could not undo it or get it wet. I am not sure why he told work he could not work. But okay.

I got emails from AT&T confirming my appointment on the 19th and I honestly can not wait. Comcast has been so very frustrating to me and I will be happy to be rid of them once and for all. Those commercials that say that Comcast is better than AT&T are so very wrong. If I could I would get cable through AT&T but I can’t, well not living here anyway.

I think this is about it, ciao!

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