Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Difference 24 Hours Makes

You know, I should learn one thing, that waiting 24 hours can in fact bring great changes. So, the fight that I had with my friend last week? Over. We talked yesterday and things are back to normal, well as normal as my life can actually be without me melting or bursting into flames.

That was the most difficult week of my life and honestly I do not want to go through that again. I was totally miserable and it just plain assed sucked. No, not everything is perfect, but it is a hell  of a lot better than it once was and I am okay with that for now.

On to more pressing matters, so do any of you know how to get someone thrown off of Facebook? I don’t but have been accused of doing so. Okay, I will start from the beginning… It seems that my ex,( my kids dad) was thrown off Facebook and he and my 13 year old daughter seem to think I did it. Now, honestly, IT WAS NOT ME. I have no idea how to get someone thrown off Facebook. I never really cared that much about him being on Facebook to begin with. I had him blocked anyway after the comment he left on my profile. So, he was not bothering me.

The only thing I have ever heard of is if he was spamming people and they reported it all the time. I have no clue. Well, I am going to go.. Ciao!


  1. you can report someone on facebook for posting pornography or hate speech. since you have him blocked, you would not be able to see what he had posted, which would make it impossible for you to report him.

    glad things turned out for the better with the other situation.


  2. Ditto Alaina... though I missed the initial story about your falling out with your friend...


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