Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Love For Music

It is no secret, I totally love music and I always have some form of music going. Music is the one thing that soothes my soul, well that and water. I totally love listening to my favorite music when I am down. Lately I have been down. Some songs make me feel down too because there are too many memories attached to them. So, here is a shuffle list of some music on my MP3 player for you.

  • Heartbreaker by Pat Benatar- I totally love her and all her music. She has a voice on her and this is one of my favorite songs of hers. I have many, but this one is one of the best.
  • Blondie- Call Me- One of the best known songs by Blondie. I do love this song, it is something that I grew up with. Still holds some good memories for me.
  • Fast Car by Christian Kane- For those who don’t know, Christian Kane was in Angel and Buffy. Lately he can be found in Leverage. He has a wonderful voice and I love every one of these songs on his first album. Worth a listen.
  • Bodies by Drowning Pool- I totally love this song, so gets the blood flowing!!
  • Trouble by Lindsey Buckingham- I love him, he does some amazing music and when he is with Fleetwood Mac, even better!!!
  • Crazy E-Girlfriend by Miranda Lambert- I have loved her since Kerosene. Crazy ex girl friend is a song full of the things that I wish I could say and do.
  • Cotton Eye Joe by Rednex- If you have ever been to a sporting event, you have heard this song. I totally love it and listen to it a lot. Fun to dance to.
  • Heaven by Warrant- This is one song that can go either way with me. I love this song so, but it has a lot of memories attached to it. Mostly high school memories.
  • Not a Moment Too Soon by Tim McGraw- This is one of his earliest songs and I still love it. It reminds me that some things come when we so desperately needed.
  • Ain’t No Sunshine by Bill Withers- I love this song so much, it always makes me feel so much better when I am down.

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