Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It Went Well

So, I am back online now. Today went well. Better than expected actually. The Comcast guy was amazing and here a bit after noon. He had to leave in the middle, but I was okay with that. He just had a son about eight weeks ago and his son needed to get his shots today and he wanted to be there. So, I was fine with him leaving to go there and come back. The doctor’s office was close anyway. He actually had most of it done by then too.

I got lucky, apparently Comcast is trying out these new modem gateways. Kind of like AT&T’s gateway. So, I did not need a router as originally thought for wireless. Which made me really happy. I got caller ID on the TV and my lap top , which is kind of cool. So far, everything works great. I think that I have it all set up to where I will only have to plug the gateway into the computer.

Tomorrow is the moving the furniture and cat day. The cat part I am not looking forward to really, but once she is here, she will be fine. It is just getting her here without me being ripped to shreds. LOL. I have done a lot today, my back is rebelling against me. We are going to eat later and then go back to the house for one more night. Tomorrow will be the first night in the new place. Ciao!

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