Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Thoughts

Since usually by Friday I really don’t have a lot to say, I usually just let my mind take me on a journey in the entry. It could be a pretty coherent post or not so much.

If you read my blog, I made sweet tea yesterday morning. Aside from the hilarious water issue (NOT!) it came out pretty good. Not perfect as the sugar ration is still off by a little bit. When I would make tea in Florida I had gallon pitchers, so I knew that 1 and 1/2 cups of sugar made the perfect tea. Now I am using a 2 quart pitcher, I started with a cup of sugar last night and it needs a bit more, so when I make it again I will add a 1/4 cup and see.

I watched Letters to Juliet last night and it was good. It was a very cute movie and it was sort of sad, but the ending was great! I have The Notebook coming, I have never seen it. I get the idea that I will need to have the tissues handy.

So, between the moving and the slight internet issues, I think that I managed to fail both of my classes. Nice. So, we will see what happens now. I am afraid to tell Doug.

I had to deal with Comcast tech support again yesterday, although it was for the HD DVR box in the bedroom this time. The issue is that when it has been on for a bit, it does not want to turn off or turn back on with the remote. So, you have to unplug it to reset it and it is fine for a bit. Since this only happens after a while I am waiting to see if it still does it. The person I spoke with today sent a signal to the box and hopefully that will fix it.

Life is still good in the new place. Although it is strange to be on the 8th floor. Kinda cool when the storms move in though. Since the place faces East, I see the sun rise every morning which is kind of cool too. Although some mornings I think that I might sear my retinas. Who knew the sun was so bright? I have lived in the basement for the last few years. Go figure.

It is nice to have a bath tub again too. I am enjoying the heck out of that! Speaking of which I am headed there now! Ciao!

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