Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday Wishes

Hi everyone! Yeah, I know I am late, but I have not been on my normal schedule lately. Hopefully I will be back on that soon, as Doug has to go back to work. So, you know how this is done, you can play along in the comments or do your own entry. If you do your own entry, please stop by and leave me a link. On to the wishes!

  1. I wish that I was back on my normal schedule. It was nice at first to be on a different schedule, but I know I will have a really hard time getting back to normal.
  2. I wish that I had this peace earlier.
  3. I wish that my mom would lay off my daughter on Face book.
  4. I wish that I did not have to do my final papers for school.
  5. I wish that there was not so many great things on to watch on TV.


  1. 1- I wish the camping trip with my son and my dad could have lasted 5 more days.
    2- I wish I could financially afford to pay my daughters college so she didn't have to work 40+ hours a week while taking over 18 credit hours a semester.
    3- I wish that more people understood Chiari especially in the medical field.
    4- I wish my windshield wouldn't have been busted out yesterday.
    5- I wish that people on the internet would be more kind to each other, and not share so much private/family dirty laundry.

  2. 1- I wish my kids would clean their rooms better.
    2- I wish my folding was done.
    3- I wish my swing did not need repair.
    4- I wish the kids would not make their bathroom so scary.
    5- I wish my plants would water themselves.

  3. Good list...There are way to many good things on TV, but I ignore a ton of it even though I would love to watch them. Hope you get back to your schedule soon. :-)


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