Friday, September 24, 2010

Dinner Tonight

**** This post has been approved by Doug*****

The reason for the approval banner is that I really do not want to get any comments from certain people about the following post. I have permission to post this….

Tonight we took Doug’s Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Marty to dinner as our way of thanking them for the wonderful job they did on the Shiva for Doug’s dad when he died. We had made plans a while ago and then we moved, so we did dinner tonight.

It was a wonderful night. We went to Bonefish in Novi. They had fantastic food and it was a really nice place. We went to Dorothy and Marty’s house then they drove from there. They just got a new car, so it was a nice ride! I think it was a Crossover.

We had a good time over dinner talking about Doug’s dad and other various family members. Just catching up because it has been about three months since we last saw them. Dorothy told a few really hilarious stories that had me laughing until my sides hurt!

We all enjoyed our dinners and everyone but Marty had dessert. Since they had crème brulee, you know that I had to try it! It was so amazing. I maintain my stance that it is truly evil stuff…

After dinner we sat at the table and had a great time talking and telling stories. All in all a wonderful night. I am so glad that we did this with them. When we left we made plans for them to take us to dinner next time! Yay! Something to look forward to… Ciao!


  1. I can only imagine what it is like to have another couple to hang out with. Seems like good times for all, and I am glad for you.

  2. That is so cool that you had creme brulee!! I've never had it before but I have tried a flan once and it was delicious. So happy you had a wonderful evening with friends. I look forward to the day when we meet another couple we can feel comfortable going out to dinner with.


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