Tuesday, October 18, 2011

School News & Other Stuff

School is going well. So well that I got a 100% on my first  paper in class. Yay me! I have all my assignments and reading done for this week. My Discussion Question is not due until Thursday which happens to be my birthday as well. My goal for this week was to get my assignment due on my birthday done and posted before that. So I can take Thursday off. I am going to Red Lobster for dinner that night. So now that is checked off, I can relax some. I also have the assignment that is due at the end of week done as well. I am way ahead of the game for this week and I am happy.

For my birthday I am upgrading my phone. My birthday present to myself. I am getting the Samsung Admire. It will be my first smart phone and I am looking forward to it!!! I am so excited!! The weather here has been cool and today clear mostly. I am loving the fall weather! Well that is about it for now. Ciao!

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