Saturday, October 1, 2011

Holy Crap October!!

I can not believe it is October 1st already!! The weather is great though, it is cool bordering on cold with a nice breeze that sends a nice flow of cool air through the windows of the apartment. I love it because I can have the windows open all the time now and just close them as much or as little as needed. Sure is a wonderful break from summer!!!

Earlier they did a test of the tornado siren. Which since I have moved, it seems that I live closer to the siren now. Anyway, it is supposed to be tested at 1pm. It started going off and I looked at my computer clock and it was 12:57pm. I was kind of like, way to tell time there!!

Speaking of the tornado siren, I remember the first time I heard the darn thing after I moved up here. Since I got to Michigan about in the middle of October in 2005, I missed that test, so I think it was November that I heard it. Seriously, no one warned me that they actually test these things here. In Florida, there were no tornado sirens. I was dead asleep until the siren went off and it woke me out of a dead sleep. Scared the hell out of me because I had no idea what it was!! Boy was I mad when someone told me it was just a test of a tornado siren.

I start school in 10 days. I am so ready!! Since I tested out of the review classes, I am happy! Mainly because they would only cost me money and not do anything for my degree. I still have to take the composition class, which is fine, I actually get 3 credits for that towards my degree. So, I am willing to accept that class.

in 19 days it is my 37th birthday. Not sure how I feel about that yet. I will probably have more to say on the subject as it gets closer. I don’t know. Well, I am going to run.


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  1. So much excitement going on, Tawnya! I know you'll do great with school, turning 37 (where you still have a LONG way to go before you catch up to me lol), and everything else.

    (By the way, this week's recipe is one you may have a particular interest in: from-scratch cheese grits. ;-) )



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