Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Day for Relaxing

I missed church today because when I woke up my back hurt badly and I am  not saying that the pews are not comfortable, but I could hardly sit up on the side of the bed. I knew I would be very uncomfortable and would not concentrate on the message well, so I did not go. I am going to read my bible later.

I also woke up very tired today with a headache. Ugh. The weather is nice again and cool. The windows are back open and the air off. I am all kinds of happy now. Thursday is my birthday and I am going to Red Lobster for ‘Endless Shrimp’. I always get a coupon for my birthday from them for $5 off two adult entrees. I got a free dinner from Texas de Brazil, which is a Brazilian steak house. I have been wanting to try it, but it is usually about $40 a dinner, but it is all you can eat. With my free birthday dinner, we would only have to pay for one dinner and our drinks. So, that makes it worth it to me to try this place.

I had been to another Brazilian steak house, Gauchos before and while it was good, I did not really feel it was worth $36 a dinner. So, since this place is different, I am hoping that I like it better. I also got a Cold Stone Creamery email which is a buy one get one free for my birthday and I will definitely be using that!! I love Cold Stone a lot, but we don’t go often which is fine with me. I am a moderation kinda girl. Too much of a good thing is still too much in my book.

Today is a Humphrey Bogart marathon in my house. I watched Casablanca and I am watching To Have and Have Not now. I will watch The Big Sleep later and possibly The Maltese Falcon as well. I love Bogie. He is one of my favorites. They sure don’t make movies like that anymore. *sigh*. I think that is about it for now.


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  1. Ooh, I love the movie marathon choice!

    And feel better about the other stuff.... I know all about sore backs, and not fun at all.


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