Sunday, October 9, 2011

Looking Up

This Sunday finds me at peace, just as I like. I am tired today but that was because I was up late and had to get up early for church. I have not had a nap, but since it is 6pm, don’t think I will get one either. *sigh* I have not been blogging a lot lately because I have been trying to get things in order for school to start on Tuesday.

Today in church Pastor Jeff preached on why as Christians we should believe in Hell. It was a good message, but honestly one I had not really heard preached before. Pastor Jeff told us that not many people preach about Hell anymore for fear of offending someone. It was an interesting message and I actually got a lot out of it.

In case, you don’t know, the Lions have a Monday Night Football game this week. It has been a long time since they got a Monday Night game. I think we will be doing deli tomorrow night for dinner because his cousin will come up to watch the game. I am not much into football but even I noticed how well the Lions are doing this season and I am very happy to see them finally moving in the right direction. Since I have been here, they have been really bad. This year finds them with a good coach, a good GM, and great players. All elements needed in winning.

So, here is to a good week. I will keep you posted on school.


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  1. I think I am going to go to a local sports bar and check out the game tonight..!


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