Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday Morning…

Since it is early Saturday morning and I am not exactly sure how my day will turn out yet, I will talk about some other stuff going on in my corner of the world. It is like 7:39am  now, so the sun is just trying to come up and I see this occurrence everyday, but I am always still amazed by how beautiful it really is.

Lately we have been having car trouble. Well, it started last Saturday and Doug had to borrow his cousin’s car to go to work on Monday, but got something fixed Monday afternoon. Last night we were on our way out and it would not start. I think that when he had the lights on he turned the interior lights on and left those on all day and most of the night. So we had to call AAA to get a jump. Good times.

It is very chilly here today, I have the windows open because I love the cool weather. It is not hot enough to have the air on nor cool enough yet to have the heat on during the day. It is rather nice though.

I think that today I will be catching up on my DVR shows since I have been totally addicted to Netflix on the Wii. Now you don’t even need a disk, win! I just downloaded the Netflix channel from the Wii shop channel for free. One day, I will use my Wii for what it was bought for in the first place, Wii Fit. LOL.

Well, I think that this is it for my Saturday morning. Ciao!

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