Saturday, October 2, 2010

Almost to the Big 2-0-0

I noticed in my blog dashboard that I am almost to my 200th entry in this blog. Before this entry it was ten more to go. I am still in awe of this fact. It does not seem that long ago since I started this blog, but so much has happened to us since then!

As I approach the big 200, I am reflecting on where this blog was when I started it and where it is now. I might pull out some of the past entries and highlight some of them in the next few posts, I don’t know.

200 entries is a big deal. At least to me. I started from scratch with this blog and now it is pretty much what I wanted it to be, with the exception of the trolls who read this. But who cares about them, not me. Not really. They just drive my page stats up, so thank you. Ciao!


  1. congrats to you and your wonderful bloggy journey !

  2. 200 is a big deal and you are right, I go back to the beginning on my and I am awed sometimes by what I have been through and what I shared with people.


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