Friday, October 29, 2010


I needed a few days to recover from the Friend of the Court day. Even though when I go there I always know that I have been doing what I am supposed to do and what they tell me to do, it is still very stressful for me. These days usually involve losing a lot of sleep and being stressed out beyond the breaking point. So, I took a couple of days off to relax and to catch up on my sleep once again.

It has been kind of hectic around here because of Doug’s strange schedule this last week. Normally he goes into work between 2am and 4am depending on the day. Since they had inventory he had to be there at 11pm one day and midnight the last couple of days. So that can really mess up the sleeping pattern!

A side from the freakish and hellish winds here Monday and Tuesday, the rest of the week has been cool and sometimes overcast. I love fall because of the cool weather. So, I have been happy. Since I live on the 8th floor, it has been strange to deal with things such as wind and rain.

We are headed to dinner in a bit to see a friend of ours. Yeah it is late, but she works the late shift now, so it is all good. I think that is about it, I should be back pretty regular now. Ciao!

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  1. Going downtown to deal with the FOC is draining. The place could stand to be updated and made more pleasant. Been that way since the mid-80's at least.

    Take care of yourself!!


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