Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday Wishes

Hi everyone! Welcome to another edition of Wednesday Wishes, the sick edition. LOL. I am better, but nights I feel worse. It has always been that way with me though. As usual, please feel free to play along in the comments or in an entry of your own! Okay, here we go!

  1. I wish that I felt 100% because this Saturday Doug is taking me out for our 5 year anniversary. I am doing all I can to feel better by then.
  2. I wish that I had kept up in my statistics class last week, I am only a day behind, but it is hard doing stats when you are not feeling well.
  3. I wish that I understood more of my statistics.
  4. My birthday is the 20th and I wish that I was feeling better about this.
  5. I wish that all my friends and kids have a great week!

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