Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Getting Back To Normal

Well, somewhat anyway. As most of you know I rarely ever post anything political on my blog. There is a reason why. My politics are mine alone. I will not subject my readers to how I feel or what I think because I know that not everyone has the same rules that they live their life by. So, why am I going to put it here and start a fight about it? It seems stupid to me. Unless something so amazingly pathetic happens in politics in Detroit. That is the only time I will say anything. Although I should by all rights be saying something almost every day, but I digress…

I have not really had much to say lately and I am dealing with some stuff with school. When I get it all worked out one way or another, I will post the story. I am leaning towards Plan B right now though. I am not meaning to be cryptic, but for now it is best this way.

I have had the windows open lately here in Michigan. Yeah it gets down into the 30s some days but living up on the 8th floor it is warmer here. I have been reluctant to close the windows because for like 3-4 years I have lived in the basement where you can not open windows and I have missed that so much. So, I am honestly not going to close these windows until I am half freezing. I know it seems like it might be a bit drastic, but I am loving the cool fresh air.

Because of election coverage, I am thinking that I might turn the Wii back on and watch some Netflix. I am still loving that. Well, I am outta here for now! Ciao!

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