Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday Update

Last night’s seminar was really interesting and a lot better than the week before. Which is good for me, because while science is not my subject of choice, if it is interesting it is better. This week everyone was actually paying attention and there was very little repeating, which is even better for me!

I tend to forget that not everyone is like me, in the fact that I do pay attention and I try to follow directions. I am very into my school and I get a bit upset when others interrupt that for me. The first seminar people were asking the same exact questions and not paying attention, which made it tedious for me.

Today I have to go to Home Depot to look at shower heads for the shower here in the basement. The Sister gave us a shower head for our bathroom and because I am shorter than Doug, it works wonderfully for me, but it does not adjust so it does not work well for him. No big deal.

My breathing is 100% better than last week at this time, which I am grateful for. When it gets closer to me running out of my Symbicort, I have to call the doctor because she will give me several more samples so that I don’t have to spend a ton of money on it, which is great! I am also going to get another rescue inhaler to put in the car. I have one here, but sometimes I forget to put it in my pocket in case. If there is one in the car, then it would be better.

I am sleeping so much better since the meds have worked and the inhalers have kicked in. I am so glad for that too. It is hard to concentrate when you are tired all the time.

This weekend will be spent working on my project due for my science class and finishing my discussion question, which I should do soon, but I just got up so I am trying to wake up so when I write my answer, it will be easy to understand. So, I will do that later. Maybe after Home Depot and I eat.

We are going to go to Panera Bread. One of my favorite places here. I love this place. I always get the same thing, a half of a Panini and a salad. Well, it used to be soup, until I tried the salads. They are awesome!! I am looking forward to that for sure today.

I am going to run for now. Ciao!



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  1. sounds good that you are feeling better,and I agree that other people not paying attention and then three or four asking the same question right after each other really makes it hard to pay attention to the class instead of how you are going to kill the idiots


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