Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday, the End of My Week

So, with the new school comes a new week. Nothing unusual there really. Today ( Tuesday) is the end of my week at school. Tomorrow ( Wednesday) starts my week all over again.

I have a confession to make…. I am totally in love with Michael Buble. I caught a couple of interviews with him on various shows and he is very funny and has an amazing sense of humor. He really does not take himself all that seriously. I know some of you are rolling your eyes at me, but he is rather cute too.

I actually really like his music too. He reminds me of Sinatra. Who I totally love. I know what you are thinking and yes, I know. I am fascinated by the younger Sinatra and the times he lived. The Vegas back then was awesome and I am sorry I missed that Vegas. The Vegas of my day (right now) seems so gaudy and like it is trying to hard.

I am not sure how to explain it. I miss the Lauderdale ( Florida) of the 60’s too. There are still tiny peeks of it around, but back then it was the most happening place. Just like Vegas back then. I am not sure if it is the simpler times I am missing or what.

Miami Beach too actually. Now a days I would not go into Miami with out a armed escort and a armored car. It is that bad. I guess that is the price we pay for progress. I do not know. I miss those places when they were cool.


  1. I love Michael Buble. I have 2 of his CD's. I seen him on Oprah first and fell in love with him.

  2. i like him too, i just havent met you yet...... thats his song right???? glad school is going good for ya and your feelin better! hugs


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