Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Difficult Already

I did not sleep much yesterday so as a result of that, I was out like a light before 9pm. In the chair. Again. I am just glad that we picked the comfy reclining love seat. So this morning I get up and I have to fill out a form for school. So I use the desk top because I have to print the form to fill it out then scan it and send it back. The desk top is the only computer connected to the printer until I can get a wireless printer.

Normally this is not a big deal. I also did my project that was due and commented to two people for the discussion question. For my new readers, I go to school online and on the best days it is wonderful and I love it, but those few days that are not best days are a challenge to say the least. The very least.

The computer in there has been giving Doug fits lately and if you read my blog for very long, you will know I am tech support in this house. He yells at the computer like that will help anything. ::sigh:: So this morning I get up and remember that I did not fix the connection last night before I fell asleep. ( it is a long story, but when we got ATT U-Verse the guy set it up for connection to the private network in our house. Somehow it is also connecting to a second public network when the computer is started after shutting down.) So when that happens I have to fix it. No big deal, what I should do is call ATT tech support and have them tell me how to stop that totally, but I am too lazy.

So, I go into the computer room and I open the menu for fixing it and it is fine, but the red X is still there. So I open Mozilla. On that computer I use Mozilla and he uses IE. It is working so he probably just restarted it and did not shut it totally down. I do my project and print the form I need, fill it out scan it back into the computer then I have major issues. Not great for like 3am. I spent about an hour and I finally think that I got them fixed as well as got his Yahoo toolbar back.

On IE, you can have multiple tool bars and when we only had one computer, I had a few different ones on Mozilla, well some of them would download for IE too. No big deal, he just ignored them normally. If you look really close on IE 8 there are X’s by the tool bars, I think he got rid of the Yahoo one on accident by clicking on the X. He swears up and down that he did not do that but it just disappeared. Okay. It disappeared. Whatever.

So, I got that back and now he will have to set up the tool bar later. Oh who am I kidding, I will have to do it later. But for now it is all good. My lap top is running fine thank you very much!! I am not going to dwell on this less than stellar start to my day, it has to get better, right?!?!?! RIGHT?!?!?!? Ciao!


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  1. Yeah it does... you know, I wonder if Doug's tech goof 'em ups arent an attempt to maintain a closeness with you... it is a thought!


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