Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Restful Sunday

So, yesterday we went to a few places to get the shower head and I had to put some money in the bank. I usually do not go out on the weekends unless we go to dinner or something. I now know why that is! I went to Panera Bread yesterday with Doug for lunch. It was so good!

I made BBQ pork yesterday and we needed to go get buns, so we added this stop to our list. Home Depot was a mad house! So busy! We got a showerhead, I am waiting for Doug to install it so we can make sure that it works for him.

Dinner was really good last night. I made homemade BBQ pork and we had mac and cheese as well. We had originally gotten buns to have sandwiches, but we ended up having the pork without the buns.  I am tired today, still recovering from being so sick for so long.

I am still working on my project for class, I am hoping I can get it done today. Maybe later, I just got up. Doug also asked me to help him pick up the larger sticks in the yard today. Hoping it will rain. LOL. Ciao!


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  1. I just read about your BBQ and mac and cheese and now I am STARVING! lol ;) happy sunday!!!


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