Saturday, May 29, 2010

Side Table Trouble

So since we have gotten the new love seat that reclines we both have been loving it. One major problem, well for me anyway. When we had the old couch, I sat a certain way and it was great for using my lap top without a table. Now, because I can not really turn sideways, I have difficulty using my lap top especially when I am writing papers for school.

At one point we had a coffee table in front of the old couch, but then we got a Wii and we moved it totally out of the way and started to use TV tables because it was easier to move them than the coffee table when ever we wanted to play Wii. Now the coffee table does not work because the love seat reclines and there is no room for it. So I moved my TV table on my side of the love seat, so that I have some place to set my lap top when I am not using it ( which is very little!) and it has worked well, but I thought that we had an extra TV table upstairs that I could bring down to use as a desk when I am doing school work, but apparently we don’t.

So, I have an idea but not 100% sure that it will work. I am going to try it out after I finish writing this. The problem is that I have to take all the stuff off of my TV table and the other thing I am going to try and use then move them both in to place. If it works I will take a picture to show you what it looks like. Personally, I want to buy something that will work, but unless this idea doesn’t pan out I am thinking that Doug will not go for that. LOL. Okay, enough of my putting it off.. Be back later. Ciao!


UPDATE: The other thing that I thought might work did not, it was too big… ::sigh:: Now to think of something else. Maybe use Doug’s TV table for now…


  1. love love are recliner couch too! i hope you can figure something out to put your labtop on and whatever else you need. have a good week!

  2. Totally agree -- and understand -- have recliner couch in basement and is most comfortable (if not prettiest) place in the house!


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