Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Turning the Corner or Hoping I Am Anyway

Most of my readers know that I have been sick for like 10 days or so. Not as sick as I normally get, but it has been rough going. Today was the first day that I actually could take a shower and not felt like I was going to fall over and crack my skull on the faucet. So that is a win for me! Yay me!

I like to celebrate the little things because it sucks to have to wait for the big things to celebrate. The only real issue I am having, well okay it is two issues is that I have this horrible cough. No wheezing, which is good because I am an asthmatic. And also the eye thing started again. I know! I was doing the happy dance and all when it quit after one day, it seemed that it was lulling me into a false sense of security.

So, I think that aside from the cough and the eye thing, I am turning the corner on this thing. Finally. The house phone is so messed up right now, so I had to forward the house phone to my cell phone and well that way no calls get missed and I have caller ID on my cell, so I can selectively miss calls.

My sleep schedule is so fucked up right now. I can’t even explain it here when I stop to think about it. Sigh. School resumes in October and I am so looking forward to it, but I know that I will be sad to give up the freedom that I have had these last few months. I like school and I have found that I am good at it.

I guess for so long when you have people in your life always telling you what you liked and did not like (A.K.A The Drama Queen from Hell and the Warden) you really begin to believe them. Well, since I have been away from them, I actually have found that school was only the first thing that they were wrong about. I love school because it is challenging and I find that I like being challenged. 

Oh man, I was tired today and still am kinda. Which is how I know I am healing. I think it will be chicken fajitas for dinner tonight. They sound so yummy and honestly I go back and forth between not being hungry at all to being so hungry I could eat a cow!! I know, normally people say horse, but I like horses too much to eat one.

I think it is time that I go. Ciao!


  1. You know that is why the environment you are in is so important. For some people, those kind of challenges is what drives them and they triumph in spite of the naysayers. I always wonder at what cost to their character did they deal with that kind of negativity...

    ... anywho, I happen to not be one of those kinds of people. There is enough that is against you and to have those who are closest to you be such a drag on your rocket is hard to overcome.

    Hope you feel better and good luck with school!


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