Saturday, August 20, 2011


Julie, me and PatienceToday is Julie’s mom’s memorial and I could not make it actually for a couple of reasons, but the most pressing one is that I am sick. Really sick. Sigh. I feel bad about not being there and all but I would not go even if I lived in Florida in this condition anyway. I still miss Cindy a lot and think about her everyday.

In a way, this was like my own mother dying, only more emotional for me. Julie and I talked about her mom when we spoke and it was nice to laugh about some of the silly stuff that she and I did together back in the day.

I was talking to another person who knew me back in the day and was around when Julie and I were always together. He was remembering what it was like to be around us together and reminded me that Julie and I are like sisters. Which reminded me that people would always ask if we were actually sisters. That always made us laugh. We are not, but back then, everyone thought we were. We would finish each other’s sentences and everything.

Julie’s mom was an amazing photographer and she took my wedding photos. They were wonderful and I was grateful. She also took a couple of photos that I will add here. Of course, these are high school photos, so ….. They are old. LOL.

 Homecoming our freshman year in Lely

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