Thursday, August 18, 2011

Harry Potter & Sick

So, I ordered all the Harry Potter books (yeah, I know I am a nerd). I have already read the first one and more than half way through the second one. I have read them all but the last one before, but I wanted to re read before I start watching the last 3 movies. As a friend recently said to me ‘the books are always better than the movies’ and he was right. Although honestly I have been trying to get him to see that for years!! Finally a convert!

I am also sick now. Ugh. I hate being sick and yes, I am hydrating and all of that. I am having soup for dinner tonight because honestly I don’t think my throat can take much more than that. Sigh. I guess that this is what I get for not sleeping like I should. But the nightmares are not good lately so I have been sleeping little again. Double sigh.

Good thing I am not in school right now because this would so totally suck if I was. I took some time off I am returning in October so don’t freak out or anything. I needed a break. It is nice to be able to read for fun once again instead of all the psychology text books and stuff. I am looking forward to getting back into school and all though.

So many people have called and texted me to see if I was okay. Although I freaked a friend out when I called him today because apparently I sounded like I was crying. I was not. My throat is not good. So he was all OMG what is wrong?!?!? Which made me feel so good. Thanks to all my friends who have asked about me today, I appreciate it.

Today is Johnny’s birthday. I know. Happy birthday!! Muah. He is a bit older than me. I think that everyone’s birthday should be special. So, as limited as I am, I tried to make his special for him.

Well, back to my Harry Potter book now. Hopefully feeling better tomorrow. Ciao.

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  1. Hope you are feeling better... I absolutely LOVE the look..! Take care of yourself and enjoy your books.!!


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