Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Trying To Get Back To Normal

This week has been trying for me, I know it is only Wednesday but when you think about how the week began you can see my point here. I have been thinking about Julie’s mom since Monday when she died and I miss her terribly. I know she would not want me to sit around and cry for her all the time, but honestly it is so hard to get moving on.

I spoke with Julie on Monday for a bit and it was nice to talk to her. We talked about her mom mostly and how much we both miss her and some of the things I remember about her and the good she did in my life. I could give you so many examples of that, but since this is a public blog, I really don’t want to out myself on some things here. But trust me, she was there for me when I really needed someone.

I know she is in heaven watching over all of us who loved her. I know she is not in any more pain and I am grateful for that. I am trying to get things together to move on with life, because as so many people have told me lately, life is for the living. I know this in my head. My heart is breaking and I know that I will be able to move on soon. Right now I am trying to grieve for this woman who was like my mom.

I miss you Cindy and I love you much. I know you are watching over me and I am thankful for that as well as for you being in my life when I needed you most.

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