Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Stuck and Not In a Good Way

I suppose that this might become kind of a rant, so if you don’t want to read it all, I am okay with that. In my apartment building, they only have Comcast cable, I think I mentioned that before. Now, I have had a lot of issues with Comcast over the last year and little bit that we have lived here. So last night in the grocery fliers, there was a thing for DirectTV. Which we had at the house at one point and the only issue we had with them is that the repair people that came out would not replace the line when we were telling them that there was water in the line.

So, I called last night and I qualified for the deal that they are offering, but the hitch was that I had to talk to the apartment manager about getting this. Doug went down and talked to them and they said no. If it was because they thought that they were going to drill to put the dish up, DirectTV said that they would clip the dish to the ledge outside the window. I asked specifically about that to be sure that they would not drill. It would have been so much less than Comcast and get so much more! I am really mad because I tried Comcast and they really suck. I wanted something better and I feel that I should have the choice. I guess I do have a choice, Comcast or move. I can’t afford to move so I am stuck with no cable now. Sigh.

Well, going to go. Ciao.


  1. How have you been? I found you in FB's J-land list.

  2. Hi Missie.. I have been good and you?


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