Thursday, November 10, 2011

Last Week of Class and Other Stuff

So this is week 5 of my class that I am in. I am now working on my final project for class and it is going well so far. I have to do a Power Point for this and while I do not hate them, but they sure are a ton of work!! More so than me sitting down and writing a paper for class. Having said all that, I do have to admit that I still have my 100% going in this class and now I am so nervous because this PP assignment is worth 300 points and that is a large chunk of my grade. I know that I am doing my best on it so I know that I am doing well.

I did end up taking a little more time for myself after last week because let’s face it, I needed it badly. I did my assignment that was due kind of half assed but got full points on it. Which in all honesty shocked me. I did send an email to my teacher explaining what was going on in my life and why my work in class may not have been up to my usual standards. I am glad that I did so.

Dealing with that whole situation last week took so much out of me and I know that was the goal in the long run. He got what he wanted. I ran scared. Since the changing of the cell number, the calls and texts stopped. Which was a major thing. I am okay and moving on now. I needed more time than I thought I would to get back on track but it is okay. I am back on track now and moving forward. Ciao.

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