Sunday, November 20, 2011

Final Grade and Other Stuff

I forgot to mention my final grade for my Skills for Success class, which was an A. I got an A on on my final project and so I was happy. I have started Interpersonal Effectiveness, which  looks to be another class I can get an A in with no problem. Today is Sunday and I am relaxing for the most part. Church was good this morning and because it was friends and family day at my church, it was packed!! Which was so nice to see.

I am tired today. I think it is the overcast and chilly weather. I like the chilly part, but the overcast really makes me tired. I am starting a book called “God On A Harley” which so far is interesting. This will be a short entry. I am going to run for now, Ciao.


  1. Good for you and I like the fall colors of your blog..!

  2. I am going to change them to winter after Thanksgiving... Thanks Mark!!! Hugs to you.


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