Friday, December 2, 2011

Waiting To Hear

Since my last entry, Doug talked to Nancy in the office of our building and has since written a letter to the management company to get permission to be able to get DirectTV in here. I honestly do not know how one company can have a monopoly on cable in one building, I do understand having a preferred provider and all, but not letting other cable companies in at all, it seems wrong somehow and I know we are not the only ones who are fed up with Nickel and Dime Cable as I call them. So, now we wait to hear back and see what they say. I have a feeling I know what they will say, but I am hoping and praying for good news.

On the other hand, Nickel and Dime Cable came today to pick up their boxes and ask for money from me. I was like, not possible right now. Hence, the off cable service. The guy they sent was really nice and all, but I am frustrated because according to them they are still charging me $7 for a modem lease fee when I returned it in September. So, since I already have a migraine today, I will deal with that whole fuster cluck tomorrow or Monday. Sigh.

I have so had it with them I can’t even begin to describe it. First they continue to charge me for internet service after I had it turned off. Now they are charging me for equipment that I no longer have in my possession. Arrg!!! This is why I did not want to deal with them in the first place. But because my building will not let me have a choice, I was stick with them. And to be honest, their service sucks. The internet, phone and cable is not worth what you end up paying for in the end. So, hopefully I will have DirectTV soon and can be happy once again. If not, well, I will have to think of something else I guess and that will really piss me off.

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