Tuesday, May 10, 2011

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Original title, no? I have begun my statistics class and my head hurts already. In the first paragraph in chapter one of this text book they are already telling me that I will have to read this book a lot. Oh but they are sure I will learn statistics. Dear God. Actually, in my first week I have to read chapters 1-3 and understand them. Not that sure it will happen, but I am on reading chapter 3 now. I needed a break because my head was about to explode. I have a second text book on statistics and a Statistics for Dummies book as well. Come hell or high water I will learn this stuff.

Because after this class I will need a psychologist in the worst way. In other school related news, I am still enjoying school despite the paragraph above. It is challenging and I like that. Broadens my horizons I suppose.

Hope everyone had a great mother’s day, even those with pets as their children, cause face it, you still feed and take care of em’ you’re a mom too. I really won’t discuss my day here because well, I am past it and let’s just say it was not great.

The last few days have been difficult for me and I am not sure why exactly. I got to see my daughter’s picture at her 8th grade dance and she looked so beautiful. I might add it to my side bar at a later date. I don’t know, I guess I feel old. She is 14 now, my son will be 16 in Sept. I am kind of wondering what the hell happened?!?!?

Still going to church and I really enjoy that. It really revitalizes me for the week ahead. Which I need. I am still trying to finish that book for review, I think I might have to just give up and review it based on what I have read. I just can’t seem to read it anymore.. Well, better get back to my text book. Ciao!!

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