Monday, May 30, 2011

Life and Other Stuff Going On

It would seem that this coming weekend is the weekend to finally move stuff around and get my dining room table put together. We have had the table since February and it has sat in the box since then waiting to be put together. So this coming weekend is finally that time. Yay!

Yesterday was horrible severe weather here. The tornado sirens went off and we went down stairs for a bit because it was the prudent thing to do. Nothing happened, thank God, but it was kind of scary. I had such a horrible headache because of the barometric pressure and I still have the headache today. Ugh.

I felt bad because I had gotten 3 voicemails today from some guy needing his eye glasses in the hospital. The woman he thought he was talking to, I feel bad for her because he was an ass. He was rude in the messages and demanding. Had I been the woman he was wanting to talk to, I would not have returned those calls either. I have not gotten another, which means the woman showed up at the hospital or he gave up. Since he does not strike me as the kind to give up, I am thinking she showed up and he asked her why she did not call back and she had no clue as to what he was talking about.

On an unrelated note, I have started playing poker on Facebook and I am starting to like it. I am getting better with every hand. Noting that will become a job, but something to take my mind of stuff. Well, I am going to go. Hope your holiday was safe and good!! Ciao!

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  1. any word on your school situation yet?

    keeping you in my thoughts- you have come too far to let this hold you back. give 'em hell girl!



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